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The imaginary place that exists between computers and their users, particularly on the Internet and in virtual reality. Previously applied to the hymen but now the term is used by both sexes.

Chav girl sex. Unloading for one day inside naive cousin who shouldn't bet on poker.

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Not always necessarily sexual excitement. Teeny Porno Tube 1 Chavs are generally viewed as an ignorant under-class with a propensity for criminal or loutish behaviour.

Chav girl sex. A generally disparaging term for a person, or thing.

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Model Flats Beautiful young fashion models living in Moscow. Corruption of the word God, used as an exclamation of surprise.

Chav girl sex. Of 'chav', see above, or related them in some excessive way or major extent.

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A mild exclamation of surprise or amazement. A knife or blade. Teen Free Porn 5 Nubile Models Some of the cutest and most petite 18 year olds on the internet today.

Chav girl sex. Expressing anger, surprise etc.

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Rhyming slang for 'hun'.

A gay male who is attracted to asian homosexuals. A stone or brick for throwing. Teen Bauty Jenya "Dedica". A face with pock marked skin or the person with such a face.

Chav girl sex. An insect, or spider, usually viewed distastefully.

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The common slang convention of mispelling words also gives us the variation 'cum'.

A disasterous situation, a mess up, a shambles. An uncircumcised penis and consequently a male with such.

Chav girl sex. A gay male who is attracted to asian homosexuals.

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To share, loan or borrow.

Derogatory, but often used less aggressively, as an affectionate aside, as in 'silly cow', see also 'moo'. Lovely little ladies Often prefixed with blue veinedor purple headed.

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The expression is mainly used on the 'gay' scene.

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Chav girl sex. A knife or blade.

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Occasionally used as a term of address.

Compare with 'dischuffed' and 'chuffed to buggery'. The best, most sublime thing or person. Usually as exclamation and in a patronising manner. Wife Kara New Black Lover.

Chav girl sex. Virginity as in to lose one's cherry.

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Fuck Young Girls 0 Sexually ejaculated fluid, usually applied to semen and regularly spelt 'cum'.

Chav girl sex. A traditional fishing port in the county of Lancashire.

To look blankly with one's mouth open.

Young Teen Girls In Bikinis Rhyming slang on 'knackered'.

Chav girl sex. A person who dates or marries someone considerably younger than themselves.

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An unruly, young person, typically wearing casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Mandy Flores mom an son sleep over. Of, or like a 'chav'.

Chav girl sex. From Chalfont St Giles, a town in Buckinghamshire, rhyming with piles.

The act of deliberately ignoring.

Previously applied to the hymen but now the term is used by both sexes. Exgf strip tease party. To overindulge in drugs or alcohol. Originally from Viz comic.

Chav girl sex. Relaxing, taking time out.

A general term of address, often depreciatory, and occasionally used affectionately.

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Chav girl sex. A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit.

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To temporarily stay over or sleep at a place other than at one's own usual abode. From the rhyming slang on 'shitter'.

Chav girl sex. A disasterous situation, a mess up, a shambles.

Also spelt cushdyand kushty.

It involves pulling the hair into a pony tail, and tying it so tightly at the back of the head that the resulting skin across the face is pulled taught, as though from a facelift. A form of address.

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Often with regard to 'cowboy' builders.

A conversation or chat. Originates from when U. Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male.

Chav girl sex. A coy euphemism for 'cunt'.

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