Pacheco Town Council

The Pacheco Town Council was formed to advance the welfare of the
properties located in the area commonly known and designated as
Pacheco, County of Contra Costa, State of California, and in particular to
preserve the established character of Pacheco as a residential and
industrial district, to endorse and activate movements to continually
improve the area, including, without limitation, the development of roads,
schools, sanitary conditions, utility services, the establishment, ownership
and operation of community facilities for community use, and to participate
in all matters, activities and proceedings pertaining directly or indirectly to
the welfare of the area, and any action, governmental or otherwise,
effecting the area in any manner.  In general, to do all things and exercise
any and all powers which it may now or hereafter be lawful for the
corporation to do or exercise under the laws of the State of California that
may now or hereafter be applicable to this corporation.

This association does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to
members thereof.
Governing Board

Executive Board

  • President                                 Keith March
  • Vice President                         Doug Stewart
  • Secretary/Treasurer                 Sally Norgaard
  • Building Manager                   Kay Perry-Thayer

Board Members

  • Brian March
  • Sharon Schutjer
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Special Events
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